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Definitely do the counseling thing....if you both really want to make things work. But, is he more sorry about HAVING the emotional affair, or sorry about getting caught? Granted, Im a bit biased, since its happened to me as well. But it's definitely going to take some time to regain the trust, no matter which way you look at it. Try to get in to counseling as soon as you can...the longer you let it go, the more resentment will build. I dont know what your relationship was like before the emotional affair, so I cant even begin to guess the reasons why he did what he did. There is absolutely NO reason why you have to live with it everyday....checking phone records? I've been doing the same thing, keeping tabs. I feel bad doing it, but trust is such an important thing to have in a relationship, that once it is takes hard work to get it back. I hope hes kissing your feet and treating you like a queen. ;-) Best of luck to you. Keep us posted how everything turns out

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