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Thanks for the input everyone! I have decided not to mention to current BF and have also come to the conclusion that I am not 100% over the ex (maybe like 98%). As such, it would not be a good time to contact him. And maybe in some more time, I'll lose all desire to contact him.

I guess the thing that prompted it, is that I'm doing all this great stuff now and I wanted him to see. Not so that we would get together again but because even though there was a lot of pain in the break-up, I wanted him to see how it galvanized me. I think he would like the music that I'm playing and we've got some local gigs coming up. Also, I'm doing a radio show one night on his most favorite artist (just so happens to be my most favorite artist -- that is how we met on a 'fan board'). I just thought he would like to know this stuff.

It is sad that I can't share with someone who used to be my best friend. He would have liked to have remained friends (of course, he was the dumper) but I told him it would take time. I don't think he imagined that at almost a year later that I still wasn't all together able to be friends. I know that he is now just a chapter in my life (and outside of the break-up a very happy chapter). Now I've moved onto a hopefully, potentially happy (if not confusing) new chapter. I just have to remind myself of that but also that to have a happy chapter doesn't always mean there has be a significant other.

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