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Re: Do you snoop?
Aug 5, 2008
[QUOTE=emsyy33;3677280]He'd be furious with me if he found out I looked through his personal belongings...[/QUOTE]

Well, wouldn't you be? I mean, going through a man's wallet is the same as him snooping through your purse. My husband would NEVER even dream of going into my purse unless he wanted something specific (money, my chapstick, etc..) [I]and[/I] he asked me first. I, in turn, would NEVER go into his wallet unless I was getting his debit or credit card [I]and [/I]I asked first.

I'm not trying to bash you because I do understand the whole "insecurity" thing causing you to look. The thing is, you are the only one who can control your insecurity, right? If he is the great guy you say he is then you need to cut him some slack and stop snooping. If he gives you a reason to snoop then you shouldn't be with him.

BTW, that gift may very well be for you. It could also be for a relative for an occasion you don't know of. It could be for a colleague. Does that really matter? You don't know everything about him in only 10 months.

If you feel you have a "reason" to confront him by all means do so. But also realize that this is going to make you look bad in his eyes and could spell the end of your relationship. Be prepared for anything that may happen as a result. I hope you have learned your lesson about snooping. Seriously, if you feel the need to snoop then you probably shouldn't be with him.

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