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Everyone is different. My personal experience: I've taken phentermine on a couple of occasions. I was taking no other prescrptions at the time. I took it for less than 3 months each time. For the first couple of weeks it gave me an increase in energy. Then it leveled out and gradually became same 'ole, same 'ole. When I quit taking it I had a tired couple of days but again, it was a very mild reaction that was over in a very short while. As I said, everyone is different but this isn't "meth" if it's being taken as prescribed and not in concert with other drugs.

Second issue: I had a short relationship (I define as 18 months which was a friendship to dating) with a fellow and I could really relate to some of the comments. He had "kids" and was a great father. I do not have children. After about the 5th "the kids come first" lecture I was ready to gag. I actually adored his kids. They were great. They were actually young adults, 17 and up. And while I agreed that they came first, I also have feelings and should be respected. I could not see myself living a life where I only mattered if his kids didn't have a priority call that could come up at any time. The kids knew they had the guilt factor on their side too. And they were young so they didn't hestiate to use it. Again, it's not the same situation, but you can decide if any of that feeling could have been experienced by her.

One thing I don't think people give enough thought to is that bells can't be un-rung. Those times you didn't show up? Mine did that too. He also corrected his action but 1) I had to ASK for his common decency to not do it which showed a basic last of respect ---remember, this is a man who would NEVER have done that with his kids -- and 2) once it was done it really didn't matter that he corrected his actions and didn't do it again. The bell had been rung and that sour taste was left with me.

So, the sum of my thoughts. It's not the phentermine. If there are other health issues at play, it might be a different story. But in the overall picture, I'd say you may have been missing some signals.

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