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I met my ex in january through work. he was six years older then me and had a two year old child with his ex girlfriend. I just knew when I saw him I liked him. So we WERE happy, or so it seemed. He had posted a picture of me on [COLOR="Red"]{removed}. [/COLOR]When I checked it out there was a spiteful message from his ex. I was kind of upset. So he told me she was bitter [COLOR="red"]{removed} [/COLOR]so she couldn't see it. I went onto her page and found numerous pictures of them together from about two years ago when his child was born and right after. nothing recent. i was still upset. i called him and he managed to calm me down but i was still upset. So we were happy again.

He introduced me to all his friends but not his mom and the one time i had seen her she was really mean to him. Then he went into the hospital. He didn't even tell me. I found out through a friend. I went there as soon as i could. i stayed with him all day but when i wanted to see his new phone he freaked out and yelled at me. i asked him what he didnt want me to see. he said nothing. so he was supposed to be transferred to another hospital. but before i knew it he disappeared. NO ONE knew where he went. i was so worried.

Then [COLOR="red"]{removed}[/COLOR] i recieved messages from his ex telling me how he and she got together all the time when i wasn't around. I was heartbroken. He was missing. I instant messaged his best friend. who told me he was sorry for me to go and that he really liked me with his best friend. it didnt matter. so who do you believe: my missing boyfriend OR his ex who left me [COLOR="red"]{removed}[/COLOR] messages, him a spiteful message under my picture, and her obsessive photos? i called him and left nast voicemails telling him i hated him and i regretted the fact he was ever near me.

So i recieved a text where he told me he tried to committ suicide. i didnt know what to say. I told him if he came to work i would walk out on him. he told me to do what was best for me. so the day he was supposed to come in he didnt. he would do this for three days. ask if i would walk out, i would say yes, and he wouldnt come. i eventually convinvced him to come back. so when he came back he flirted with me. i just pushed him away. later that night he called me and asked me if there would be another chance. i didnt give a clear answer i was just so mad. he was upset that i didnt believe him and that i believed his ex. he asked me to come over his house and talk. i told him i couldnt trust him because he lied to me. he told me he knew it was his fault. then i told him to call his ex i was sure she would want to see him and i hoped he was happy with her. he hung up on me.

So we worked fine together. until he started flirting with the other girls in our workplace in front of me. i held my anger in. so when i got my schedule his ex's name was on it (she worked at a neighboring store). i told him i quit. he told me he didnt do it our boss did and he didnt want me to go. i walked out and didnt look back. he fought me for three days literally begging me not to quit. Why did he care so much? He wanted to be friends, he wanted me to understand and be a friend, and that i was a "good worker". so i left and exactly two weeks after i left he saw me in my car, i drove off. then later he checked my friends car to see if i was in it and even pretended to forget his keys to double check. then the next day he quit.

So for three months i dont hear anything. then randomly out of the blue his best friend asks me how i've been, what i was up to, and where i was going to school and that he was having a party. but sometimes i miss my ex. then other times i dont know. i THINK he cheated and im pretty sure. I just dont know what to do. i dont want to look desperate and talk to him. i just dont know if i could ever trust him again.

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