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Now my current bf of 3 years says he didn't treat his ex girlfriend (of 8 years on and off) that well. I know he used to cheat on her, he would always stay out late at night and not come home, and wasn't that nice to her I guess. He is not like this with me [I]at all[/I]. I guess he kinda did become Mr. Perfect (in my eyes). But I think it was because he knew I was the one for him, and maturity. He grew up and realized what he wanted out of life. They broke up when he was 24, he is now 28. But the difference between him and my ex is my bf has morals, and was raised properly.


This goes to show that even the best guys in the world have it within them to be cruel, dishonest and hurtful to someone at some point in their lives if they see her as the "wrong woman." I wish more men could be like my brother. My brother is honest and decent, faithful and respectful to every single woman he goes out with, and he has never, ever gone out with a woman just for sex. He has liked and had respect for every one of his girlfriends as people and as friends. If he feels she isn't right for him, well, it's usually mutual, but he's honest and respectful and he ends up being friends with just about all his exes to some degree. It's a shame most men just aren't hardwired this way, But they just aren't, and it's part of what women just have to deal with if we are going to date them.

My guess, yankeegirl, is that you're asking in the first place because you are hoping that it's him and not you. Well, sometimes it is a guy who just is and will always be a jerk, but sometimes it's just that you were the "wrong woman" and that's just how men are with the wrong women. It hurts like all getout to think he just deemed you unworthy of decent treatment and honesty and respect, and would turn around and deem someone else more worthy, the whole "why her and not me" thing. I know that pain, and it can very easily eat away at you and really damage your self esteem. I know platitudes may not help much now, but really, all you can do is chalk it up to experience, chalk it up to you two just not being right for each other, and using it as a growth experience. I wish you luck.

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