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for the most part i like being around her, [B]when its just me & her[/B]. [I][U]i dont like her around me & my boyfriend[/U][/I]. i dont have but 3 friends pretty much, and shes cool when its just me & her. my boyfriend doesnt care to talk to her, but he says that since [B]i[/B] do have fun with her, and shes one of my few friends- i should still hang out with her, i just dont have to bring her around him. like when hes out with his friends, he thinks its ok if i still hang out with her. he said that i dont need to worry about her, and for some reason if she did come on to him he would call her out on it & make her feel stupid. i trust my boyfriend & i know that i dont have anything to worry about with him. she has a boyfriend, but lastnight she went over to another guys house. so that right there, says shes not trust worthy. i dont know really.. its obvious that shes a selfish person.. when it comes to [B]herself vs friends[/B] & [B]herself vs boyfriends[/B]. she doesnt care whats right or wrong.. she just thinks about herself.

but we still have fun together. so do you think its dangerous to continue to act as her friend, or should i cut off all ties?
your right rose. shes obviously NOT my bestfriend, girls that are like her, are no good. so there is no real reason why i should continue to be her friend.

i have never and would never advertise my boyfriend.

im not desperate to have her has a friend. i just have fun with her, despite what is going on.

i never thought she would be "this kind of friend" because what she is doing to me & my boyfriend, is what all HER friends did to her when she was with her ex. i guess people treat people how they have been treated... and dont learn from it.

she doesnt know that i suspect this on her. i havent said anything, besides that i dont want her talking to my boyfriend without me knowing or without me around. she just said ok i understand.
sounds like a pyscho to me. Anytime anyone does anything for thier own personal gratification and has no remorse and lies all the time is pretty much pyscho stuff. I know people like this and they are so hard to deal with because they never take responsibility for anything. I have known girls like this too of my friends that tried to get with me and I turned them down and they would tell there boyfriends that I had been 'hitting on them'. It is so inferioting and I don't bother trying to hang out with those kind of people because they are disturbing and narcissitic. Dump this freind. Even if she is fun to be around or charming or whatever she is still a piece of sh*t. I dont even hang around with my old freinds that try to sleep with my other frinds is pathetic.

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