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i recently got back from a two month vacation. ive only been able to see my boyfriend a couple times since because of conflict in our schedules. things have been a little rocky since we havent been able to see each other. well, hes leaving tommorow for a week and today we got in an arguement. my plans got canceled and i texted him to see what he was up to, and if i could see him. he was at his friends house (i know the friend) and he was all like "im outside playing basketball ill text you when im done." and five hours went by and nothing. so i sent him a text sayin "thanks for texting back" and hes like "no problem." and so i was like "wow wtf." and hes like "calm your *** down. you cant expect me to sit here and text you while im at somebodys house. just because your plans got cancelled doesnt mean i can text you all day." and i got really mad because that was really disrespectful and so all i said was "fine" and hes like "i cant believe youre gettin mad when you didnt even wanna see me today before i leave." (so apparently thats what was bothering him. which i didnt even think of. but still, he shouldnt have gone off on me like that.)
so a few hours later i sent him a text saying..

me: "do you know why im always gettin mad at you about little things? because i care about you alot. you mean the world to me jonathan. but its like i never know what you feel or what your thinking so i get frustrated because im so damn unsure all the time. especially lately. i feel like things seem different and i dont know what to make of it. i could have hungout with you today even if i did see my friend but i honestly didnt think you would want to. you dont have to reply to this i just felt like it was something i needed to say."

and his reply..
him: "im sorry if i make you feel that way. but when i get back we need to have a talk."

i was like uh oh that doesnt sound go so all i said was..
me: "k."

then he was like
him: "aite i need to finish packing then ima go to sleep. ill text you the first chance i get. either the first or second night. goodnight and dont be mad."

me: "goodnight. have a safe flight."

im not sure what my question is.
but i just dont know what to make of this all.
what the hell is going on?
and we need to have a talk?
is he gonna break up with me?
if he was why wouldnt he do it before he leaves?

i need real answers please.
nothing rude.
im just really confused.

ps-its not like i text him all the time or call him all the time.

i just wanted to see him before he left.

maybe hes feeling the same way as me?
i dont think i show my feelings for him as often as i should. but he didnt say anything when i told him how much i care about him.

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