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So, like many of you on this board I am in dire need of some un biased opinions. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. He has been wonderful for most of the relationship. We would always go to movies, go on walks, have good talks, and just pay attention to each other and what the other one wanted.
However, eventually this started to change.

Example #1 We do "hang out" a lot, but we never do anything other then work when we are together (he runs his own business and the work is never ending). We do not live together so it is not like we see each other all the time. If he does not focus on work, he then either looks at cars or real estate on the internet. He has claimed that if i was interested in looking at cars or real estate then we would get along better. He is obsessed with money and is incapable of rejecting clients, which makes him unbelievably busy and unable to take even an evening off. I really feel as though he would pick a 5,000 contract over me...

"Watching a movie" is the only other activity we do when we are hanging out other than work...which means doing something sexual and then falling asleep because he works so hard during the day and has no energy afterwards.

Example #2 It seems that i just cannot get him to laugh any more He used to laugh all the time. I really notice how little he laughs around me when we are out with other people. His brothers and friends make him laugh so easily. I do not know why i cant. He is so happy and has such a good time whenever anybody else is around. I do not know what im doing wrong.

Example #3 I absolutely love to give matter what the occasion. However, i started to find the gifts either broken, lost or just tossed anywhere into a pile of junk (gifts worth hundreds of dollars). I know that he doesnt mean anything by it...but it still hurts my feelings.

Example #4-I feel as though i try to talk to him about this ALL the time and he just doesnt GET IT....or he just doesnt care enough to give a crap. The other day i told him i was unhappy in the relationship (as i started crying), and he just looked at me blankly and stated "hmm Lydia on johnston street needs her house done this week". I just couldnt believe that i had told him i was unhappy in the relationship and the first thing he says is something about a client....i just dont know what to do.

It doesnt seem as though he ever wants to be around me...other then when he feels he has made me sad and wants to make up for it. Its always me making the plans, and me trying to make him happy, i just want him to want to be with me.
I know he loves me but it seems as though he doesnt want to give me any effort. 'Its always me setting up the plans and me trying to work on our relationship and make it better. It doesnt seem like he has the desire to make sure we are both happy. I love him so much and i would do anything for him I just wish I could get him to treat me the same.

What should I do? Sorry if this is a little bit confusing.

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