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Hey all,
ok, I need some advice. I have a feeling this might come across as me just wanting revenge and ya know what maybe it is but I still want some advice.
Ok so 4 months ago I split up with my on/off again bf ( some of you may remember) during our relationship he was controlling, possessive, jealous, insecure. Wouldn’t let me hang out with any of my male friends, always thought I was cheating on him, we argued constantly because of his insecurities and because he just had no simple logic, he never knew what he wanted. The list goes on, just check out my threads. We broke up many times, However throughout our relationship he always told me how much he loved me, wanted to marry me, have his children. Blah blah blah. We broke up many times, him one week wanting me, I was the one. The next he wasn’t sure if I was what he wanted. He threatened me twice. Second last time we broke up he was txting a work mate 24/7 said it was only as a friend, that he was talking about me only. However she had asked him out. He said no that he loved me. We got back together and the txting continued until I said something and he said he’d stop, that there was nothing in it. 2 weeks later we finished and a week later he was with her. Throughout the last 4 months. He’s loved me then hasn’t loved me wanted to sleep with me then didn’t. We haven’t spoken to see each other now in 6 weeks but I’ve lost all respect in him and he disgusts me. When he found out that I may have been seeing someone he said “ oh well I’ll have to sleep with her now so I can mess with her head”.
Ok so. This could get complicated. We both have mutual friends( I introduced him to them) and they continued to be friends after we split. This is how I know the things he has been saying aout me. So turned out he has already cheated on his now gf and last night I found out he is cheating on her left right and center. She is gone away for 6 weeks and he plans on breaking up with her when she gets back as he is having much more fun without a gf.
So, I don’t like his new gf as she pursued him while he was with me however I do feel sorry for her, that she genuinely does like him and has no clue what a disgusting human being he is being behind her back. He is a player, a sleeze and is only out for himself. So I have a chance to get my own back on him basically destroying me( 4 months on and I’m still very down about it).
Turns out that my best friend is friends his gf’s best friend. When we realised this my best friend said oh I know her, I was away with her, she’s so quite and shy she’s never chase after another guys bf( its always the quite ones you gotta watch) she said that she hope my ex doesn’t break her heart like he broke mine.
So I wanted to tell my friend that my ex is now cheating left right and center on this girl, who she knows through another friend. I know that it will get back to her and as much as I don’t like the gf I would love for her to get there before my ex does and end it so he gets what he deserves. But then this means possibly landing our mutual friends in it.
So what do you all think. Some of you may be thinking, why should I care. About him or her. But I do. She pursued my ex while we where together and him he threaten me, emotionally black mailed me ah the list goes on but this guy has left me destroyed. believed this guy was the one and i stupidly still see myself spending my life with him, but i know this wll pass. I used to be such a bubbly person and such a romantic relationship kinda girl believed in the one, a soulmate and true love. Now I’m terrified to even look at a guy. Don’t believe in love, the one or anything like that anymore. The thoughts of being in a relationship scares me to death.
All replies would be appreciated and anyone who thinks I’ve doing this for all the wrong reasons be easy in your comments I’m fragile enough..

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