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[QUOTE=mejnuni;3698502]Since Larylou had the best reponse, I wanted to respond.
He knows my name, but I dont know his. I know he is interested, because He stood in one spot and just looked at me, and it was during my lunch break. I saw him more than a handful of times when I was going to my lunch, and his delievery never ran that late. I will be honest, the fact that a guy i like cant ask me out, is a turn on, because alot of men "HIT" on me and approach me nicely, but it is a challenge why this one man cant get the nerve to talk to me. The fact that he looked at me alot, says to me he is not married, however lets face it men are men, just because he looks consistently hard, doesnt mean he is not married. right?[/QUOTE]

Right. A man can be married and relentlessly hit on and even sleep with other women.

I think all you can do is do your best to be close by, not on your lunch break but right there when he comes. Is there any way you can be the one he gets the signature from and makes the delivery to? If you can maneuver it that way, do so. Smile sweetly, and say "thanks....I've never heard you say your name!!" And if he's into you he'll smile tell you his name. Wish him a good day and build from there. Chip away bit by bit every day. Talk to him a little bit every day for a few days, maybe a week. Then if you want to ask him to meet you for coffee or something, then you'll be in a better position to do so. It won't be just this strange girl he's never really talked to just out of the blue asking him for a date.

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