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Hmmm...I don't know...people are hard to read.

Can girls go from more than friends to just friends? IT depends. It depends on how long you knew her and how close of a friendship the two of you shared before she "downgraded" you.

If you're asking whether a girl can be friends with a guy that she KNOWS likes her as more than a friend if she doesn't like him....then that's another hard question. Tell me, can YOU (being a guy) hang out and be "just friends" with a girl that you KNOW is into you, but with whom you share no romantic interest in?? How would this make you feel? Uncomfortable? Uneasy? Sometimes the way we would react answers our own questions.

For me personally, if I had a guy friend, and I KNEW that he liked me as more than a friend, and I shared NO romantic interest in him whatsoever and couldn't forsee myself liking him in that way, then I probably wouldn't feel comfortable hanging out with him. I certainly wouldn't invite him out places just the two of us, or call him all the time. That would just be cruel and unusual treatment for him. But then again...I actually care about a guys feelings, because I wouldnt' want a guy to play with my emotions like that. But SOME girls (unfortunately) like to keep some guys around just so that they can get male attention. :(

I would make my interest more known (if I were you), because it seems like she MIGHT not know how you feel exactly? If you let her know how you feel, then she would have no excuse. Sometimes some girls (myself included) will start to feel like a guy is just her brother if he doesn't eventually make a move. We may be interested at first, but if a guy is too shy or unconfident to make a move, even if we actually LIKE the guy romantically, our attraction may go down because we're getting the impression that the guy isn't confident. :( Just a thought....

Obviously she likes you as a person and as a friend. It seems like you two already talk in depth anyway. I really don't see what you have to lose!

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