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I am comfortable with her being my gf and hanging out with other guys becuase they are her coworkers and i know her closest guy friends all hav gf's. I also have known her for only a short time whereas these guy friends she has known for years. So it doesnt bother me.

When we went shopping earlier in the week, she said to me "I need to go on a diet." Im not sure if that was one of those things girls say to get the guys attention or not. But of course she doesnt and i told her that. She also showed me the dresses she bought recently. I guess these are things I dont believe she talks about with her other guy friends. It probably isnt anything but I thought it might be subtle signs that she thinks of me more then a friend.

I am trying to make a move but it has always turned against me, either I am busy, or she is, she went out of town for a few weeks, or something happens such as her dog throwing up.

I think that she fits the description where she puts up a wall because she had a boyfriend whom she was pracitically engaged to and she said she was planning on marrying him. She told me that she caught him cheating on her. Even though she didnt give off any emotion, I cant see how it didnt deeply hurt her. Not only that, she has a terrible relationship with her parents and rarely talks to them.

I also know shes not into one night stands or anything like that. She told me she has had a few boyfriends and she does not flirt etc.

So basically I know shes a tough girl but she definetly shares with me more personal things about herself then her other guy friends, either becuase they dont ask or she doesnt want to talk about. She basically tells me alot but expresses no emotion when saying it etc.

Im just hoping this doesnt make anything awkward between us, we work together and I will see her weekly. Im trying to find the best way to say it.

Anyone else?


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