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Hey guys, it's me again.

I don't know if any of you read the last thread about my boyfriend and ex. . . how my ex and I still talk and he used to try to get me to have sex with him, but we would just end up kissing... anyway, that's over. I haven't cheated on my boyfriend since that time, and I made it very clear that I didn't want anything to do with my ex anymore... anyway, this i a new problem.

My ex isn't involved in this one. . . Lately I've been having second thoughts about my boyfriend. We've broken up so many times about the same thing, and lately I've been wondering if he and I should even be together, but I don't want to brake up with him unless I'm sure.

It has always bugged me that he never has any money, and I always have to pay for everything. He and I also live far from eachother, and he never comes to see me, I have to go see him, and when he says he'll come see me, I have to pay for his gas. So no matter what it seems like I always end up paying for everything. -And he says that because he lives on his own, I should help him out with stuff, but I don't think I should, I wasn't the one who told him to move out of his parents house. Im just really confused because I feel like Im getting taken advantage of. I've talked to him about this at least twice before and he just ends up twisting everything and making me feel bad about bringing it up. So I don't now what to do. I do love him, and we don't argue that much, because I never bring up the subject, but when I do we end up arguing about it :(

To make matters worse, his mom pays for everything for him. He's 22 and his mom still pays for his cell phone bill and she paid for 2 months of rent, cause he could'nt afford it. Which makes me wonder what he spends his money on. He said all his money goes to rent and bills. but He pays a little bit of rent, and I've seen he's bills, he's incharge of paying for one bill that's like $50. - Oh, one more bad thing is he just confessed that he smoks weed. Which could be what he spends his money on, but I've made calculations and he has at least $300-$200 left after rent, bills, ect....

What would you do in a case like this?? Im totally confused! :confused:
Wow Thank you sooo Much rpett! That was some good advise, and you're right. This guy I used to know would tell me that in relationships, you either grow with the person or they bring you down. He said it sounded like my boyfriend and I were just staying the same, because I wasn't letting him bring me down, but yet he wasn't motivating enough to grow with me. He also told me I should be single and be my own person for a while, but that's just it, I feel like since my boyfriend and I have been together for sooo long that I don't even know how to be single...

My mom said that if I wasn't going to brake up with him then I should make it hard on him, like whenever he says he doesn't have money to come see me, I should say that I don't have any money either, and make him work for the relationship, because she says that Im making it so easy for him.

Is that something I should do? I know I should just brake up with him, but I want to know that I tried everything to fix our relationship, so that whenever I look back I don't have any regrets, and I'll know at least I tried???.....

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