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[QUOTE=MYDACHSHUNDS123;3726755]This Is The Deal I Am Ordering Playgirl And I Will See What His Reaction Is To It. If He Get Upset We Are On The Same Page If He Doesn't Then We Are Even I Get Tto Look At Naked Men. End Of Story If He Don't Like It He Will Quit Ordering It Simple As That! Fair Is Fair! I Can Probably Tell Him Till He Is Blue In The Face About How Much I Hate It But I Know He Will See Why More When It Happends To Him In The Same Way. Men Have To See It Like That To Understand. So Will See....but Of Course The First Subscription Isnt Comeing For Like 3 Months Huh! Good Luck To Me![/QUOTE]

Why wait, test your theory out by buying one and tossing it on the bed to just "look at later". Or to keep for "investment purposes". I am curious, if he is using it to please himself in any way and you know it, are you gonna do the same, so he knows you are getting pleasure out of it? I mean ....... hmmmmm, just how far are you willing to play this game? If he is just buying them for investment purposes, does he wrap them in plastic and put them in a safe place, without touching the pages and getting the oils from his fingers on them, you know comic book collectors prize their stash and care for it meticulously, you should see how my husband cares for his 'treasured comics', some are in a fire proof safe, we don't touch them hardly and not even on a yearly basis. Does he treat his 'investment that way? Are you gonna let him see how it 'really' feels, to let someone else 'turn you on' instead of him. If someone thinks that porn is not a 'turn on' they are just lying to themselves. It is highly stimulating and accomplishes in just a few minutes what takes real commited people time to accomplish. That is in a loving, committed, respectful, satisfying relationship. Where the love life can be an all day affair, filled with excitement about each other and does not need someone else. Being able to be stimulated by mags and having a quick 'O's', is unfulfilling and unsatisfying, yes, you can do it many times over and quickly, but should you? I would rather have something that made me fulfilled and satisfied and wanting more of a good thing, the security and confidence are unbeatable in a healthy relationship. If you could have a tender juicy steak at home, why would you choose to have cardboard? And just like smoking you'll always need one more cigarette, just like drinking for alcoholics you'll need one more drink, until one realizes, it is enough, it does not satisfy, it is addicting (extremely addicting), just like gambling, smoking, is a stimulant. A drug and many choose it and some are able to get out of it. Many people realize they don't want to be mastered by anything especially a billion dollar industry that preys on their pocket book, day after day in this economy! Keep your money away from the already rich, who don't give a hoot about your real needs, but will endeavor to cash in on you anyway they can. Just exactly who is benefitting here? I hope people get into each other instead of empty pages, filled with no promise or commitment. But are robbing you blind and not just of your money, you do have a soul......Hope you all have a good day and I will see you around.....G

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