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To top things all off. I check his site again. And he messaged a friend from school. She asked about me and how and how we were so good together. He told her that i had cheated on him with another guy and that i lied to him non stop.
You have no idea how mad i am because its a total LIE!!!
I have always had a zero tolerance for cheaters and he knew that from the very beginning and i told him from the very beginning that i would NEVER cheat on anyone i ever dated. ITs not who i am. Plus i got cheated on with the first guy i ever dated and i dumped then, he thought it was funny when i confronted him. ANyways thats besides the point.

His exact words in the message were: "she cheated on me with another guy and lied to me non stop. i dumped that crap better women out there for me to look at and date"

His friend relplied with, "wow..she didnt look like that kind of girl" (thats because i never was that kind of girl i was faithfull and loyal 110%!!)

When he did dump me over the webcam and i cried my eyes out, i pleaded for him not to do it because i loved him so much. And through the pain and tears i cant believe he could say that when he knew very well how committed i was and how i gave everything.
MAybe thats what hurts so much now. Thats down right wrong! when i read that message i wanted to call him and yell at him for how sick it was for him to even say that. But idk about it, i should probably leave it alone. He knows he is lying, i dont know how hes living with himself for a lie like that.

Another thing that bother me is what he might have said to his older brother who i had a great relationship with. Should i call him and ask him what my ex told him about the break up? If he could say a lie like that to his friend then i cant even imagine what lie he told his brother. Because his brother was always saying how he would be dumb if he ever let me go. His older brother is married and with a kid, he understood our situation a lot.

What should i do??

Should i call his brother and talk to him and set it straight?

Please help!

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