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Hmmmm I am going to disagree with most of the post here and say I think she is being WAY too demanding. I can see her complaining if she is talking to you in a resturant and you are looking around AND not hearing her as she is talking. (I tend to do this when the conversation is boring me).....BUT I also have trouble with constant eye contact and I do NOT look someone in the eye the whole sentence....I will glance their way many times but I don't hold the contact. I myself have noticed this....and MY BOSS actually focused in on it by saying to me...."You are not listening to me." I was. I heard and comprehended everything he said, and could even repeat it back to him but I don't feel I should have to LOOK at him to HEAR him!

As far as your G/F expecting you to hold her hand and show more affection.......I have never really understood that kind of affection either. WHY hold hands? So everyone will know you are together? Thats immature. If I had a partner who wanted to sit on the couch and watch tv and touch all night I would run away so fast that he wouldn't know what happened! I have just got to have my space! I think this is what you are saying....that this isn't you! For her to ask for these things and expect you to change how you are.....hmmmmm is it the same affection if you have to remind someone to take your hand? I don't think so, and really don't know why she would want it if she HAD to ask for it.

I honestly think your G/F is asking for things that no one can really give all the time. It would be smothering. It sounds like she is very insecure and unless you want a life with someone who will possibly never give you your space I would run for the hills!

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