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And so the plot thickens....

For those of you who saw my most recent post.. (Me looking at my boyfriend's e-mail).. After that we had a conversation in which he found out that I hung out with someone within the first few months that we were dating (but weren't exclusive). It was after the time that I looked at his text messages and found messages between him and other girls. I suppose I just wasn't sure if he was all that into me, and someone was courting me. So I went with it. I hung out with this guy maybe 2 times, and we ended up having sex. Having sex was not what I thought would happen or wanted to happen, but it did, and I regretted it. So my boyfriend found out about this. He asked so many detailed questions. This was last Monday or Tuesday. And on Wednesday it was his birthday and I sent him a message, and he thanked me. And he hasn't talked to me since. Almost a week now. I tried calling him maybe 2 or 3 times and texted him once. NOTHING. It is so frustrating. Is he done with me? Does he need time to think about the situation? Its not fair... :(

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