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Stubborn boyfriend! Is there a solution here?

My boyfriend is super nice and sweet 90% of the time. There are a few things that get him really frustrated, such as poor service in a restaurant or store. He's a computer guy - so very analytical and mathematical. We had a disagreement this weekend about clothing size for a baby. He wanted to get my nephew (who's turning 1) a t-shirt made for a 12 month old. I told him my nephew is big for his age so we should get him the 18 month old size. My boyfriend (for some random reason) got really frsutrated as we were going back and forth and then all of a sudden walks out of the store. HUH?!

I called him on his cell and he didn't pick up. I left a nice message asking where he went. This was at 3pm. He NEVER called me back. Who leaves someone in a store?! It was only a few blocks from home so it wasn't like I was stranded but still. Who does that?! (we live together)

I went to my cousin's place and didn't come home at all that day because I was so angry. He never called to see where I was or if I was ok. WHO DOES THIS?!

I went home the next day and was very quiet. As was he. I told him I would never treat him the way he treated me yesterday. He hugged me and said I love you but never apologized or even acknowledged what he did. I'm still in shock that he would walk out without a word because we disagreed on baby clothes for a child he's never even met.

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