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DMA, my husband knows I am miserable in this marriage, but he thinks that when I mention divorce, I am just talking. I am convinced that he thinks that we are going to live like this until the day one of us dies. Which is exactly what happened in his own family. According to my husband, his mother was miserable in the marriage, but endured until she got cancer in her early fifties and died. My father in law remarried quickly. My husband blames his father for his mother's death, he says his father made her so miserable that she finally died. Ironically enough, he doesn't see that he is trying to repeat history.
Redneon, I don't care if I struggle financially as long as I can support myself and take care of my kids. Anything is better than this. This is a nightmare to live like this with an abuser. My husband is a devil in sheep's clothes (is that how you say it). He is very nice to everybody, but extremely abusive to me. I can't stand him any more. It is hard to even look at him. He blames me for everything, every discussion ends with him saying that I am mentally not well and if I just was on medication, things would be good. He is constantly diagnosing me although he is not in the medical profession. He says that I am bipolar, mentally unstable, delusional, have anger problems. He thinks that he is a great husband. He has torn apart the little self esteem I had when I met him.
Thanks for all your support. I am just really down at the moment. I think the fact that the school is starting is stressing me out. I have to be there for my kids, their school work and after school activities and I don't know where to get the energy from.

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