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[QUOTE=Mcgunther;3717924] Some of the girls I was with were diff shallow, but others wre nice and careing and down to earth. So It probably is me.[/QUOTE]

Nice, caring, down to earth. If this is what you yourself value in others, then why is it that you don't think it's good enough if that's what you are??? Look, you've talked a lot about models this and that and how would a woman feel if she had "nice big" boobs and they started shrinking. Personally, I'd be glad! I hate having big boobs and think it totally limits what you can wear and makes you look like a bimbo super fast. My sister, on the other hand, talks night and day about getting implants. So there's always something that every single person on earth is worried about in their appearance. There is no golden standard. There is just a personal standard. I'm not saying you should lower yours. But maybe you should think about actually IMPROVING your standards - as in stop with all the model stuff and start looking for someone who likes what you've got - hair loss and all. If you're going to be all wrapped up in size zero glamazons then what do you expect??? If you're actively trying to get with someone just because they are totally into looks then what you're going to get is someone who is ... wait for it ... totally into looks. I can 100% guarantee you that there are highly attractive woman out there who don't care one iota about your hair line. But if you go for a barbie then you're going to get someone looking for a ken! What I'm saying is that there is a massive difference between going for attractive and just being ridiculous about it. If "model" is your standard then don't expect any sympathy when people are as harsh with you as they are with girls in the modeling world (i.e. where beautiful girls are made to feel fat and ugly on a regular basis). Why not just go for attractive, normal girls who are looking for a nice, caring, down to earth guy? The type who will appreciate you as you are rather than being caught up in impossible standards - which are basically a photoshop illusion anyway? My ex started balding in university. And yes, he's white and not naturally tanned. He was still hot. I couldn't have cared less about it. I personally think the problem here is that you don't come across as very down to earth in these posts. Frankly, you seem utterly wrapped up in all things physical. I mean look, you've got what you've got. If that means losing your hair - well, y'a, I'm sure you would rather NOT be losing your hair ... but you are. So no point in sitting around lamenting all the models who you think you'll no longer be able to make out with. I mean if your biggest problem is that you're saying that in a totally superficial world of modeling you don't think you measure up to Brad Pitt ... well, ok, maybe you're right. But seriously, that's not the same as "I'm balding so I'll never find an attractive, down to earth girl who likes me as I am." This last statement is just not how it is - at least not for intelligent, sophisticated people. So maybe try RAISING your standards to attractive girls who aren't idiots! Because only an idiot gives a rat's behind about your hairline. So why not divert your energy into things you actually have control over and make the best of what you've got with someone who's not an idiot and values what you have. Yes, hairloss sucks. But it's not the be all and end all!!!!!!! Just ask the people who vote Jude Law onto the "sexiest man" list over and over. I'm sure he's not sitting at home counting his hairs and contemplating how many models don't want to make out with him. No one's got a perfect package ... it's all about how you present it and to who! So put together the best one you can and raise the standard a bit higher than "model" to perhaps incorporate some depth of character.

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