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yeah EDC you would think that after that many girls a guy would have some confidence with himself. Confidence that lasts longer than when your drunk. I actually ran into this russian model girl I dated 3 yrs ago a couple nights back and she gave me her number in front of her current boyfriend. My problem is mainly that I dont think that women truely want me. I can't explain it and I excuse myself with girls way before I should. I really did not date most of these girls anyways, it was more of a drunk hookups in college and 2 yrs post college. I had a lot of social status, popularity, sense of humor etc. Girls would just give me there numbers or throw themselves at me. I am a deceant looking guy too and I am in good shape. Most of the success I have though is from other's haveing a good opinion about me. Girls are always looking at the people around your life and certain social cues as to what kind of guy you are. I have always resembled a high status individual. Having a pilots license and a degree, and a wealthy family has helped me loads too. Most people think much higher of me than I do of myself. But the deeply imbeded feelings of not being good enough for another have not changed. I feel like I dont deserve the recognition I get or something. Now I am 26. I have not started a career path. I made some bad decesions when going to school. I have 7 speeding tickets, a bunch of money in loans, I am loseing my hair..and I just do not know what to do with my life. I feel very inadequate for girls at the moment even though I am still getting interest for them.

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