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Yes you are right about the maturity thing, and the model thing too. All the ones I have dated were head cases. Like during a move one of them would constantly ask me if she thought the girl on screen was pretty. I had another one ban me from her computer because I looked at a picture of cameron diaz. Another one would throw the t.v. remote across the room if she thought I wasnt paying enough attention to her. Anyhow all those relationships were short lived. All of them cheated on me too, and constantly talked about other guys in front of me, it was annoying. Most of the girls I have been with have been very short encounters. The longest I had been with a girl is about 6 months. I didnt even like the chick that much, but it was one of those co-dependancy things. Anyhow yeah I want to find a chick that I think is attractive and has her head on right. One day I hope. I still feel to this day that I have never had a girlfriend. I have had some girls I liked, but my insecurtis probably drove them away to weere we never would get serious. I feel like a girlfriend is someone whom you can grow with and you both compliment and support eachother. Ive been with a lot but have never felt that 'connection' with any of them. Anyhow I hope I find a way to get over this hair, but thanks for the replies.

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