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Well first he is going to have a very short stay at boot camp(if it is military) if he is hanging around friends that that getting high. Odds are if he is hanging around them he is probably doing the same. Which means when he gets to boot camp and they do a drug test on him he will fail.
As for no contact for 8 weeks not sure where you heard that but it isnt true. Granted you wont get the every day contact but he can make phone calls(very short ones) and write letters. Military boot camps no matter the branch arent going to cut off contact with friends and family.
He might be trying to get some space between to you two to get use to being away from you. Granted wrong way to go about it but guys think differently than women so you can chalk some of it to that. Or it could be a matter he is trying to get you mad at him to break it off before he goes to boot camp to.
You can try talking to him again and let him know how his current behavior is making you feel. Let him know that you are just wanting to get time in together before he leaves. But you have to realize he will also want time with his friends. And that is what he might be thinking.

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