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ok so my boyfriend is leaving in about 2 weeks for boot camp.
he will be gone for 8 weeks and we cant talk or anything no contact at all.
well we have been dating 4 years and i have never not talked to him for a day at most.
right now he is working swing shift at work from 3 to about 1 in the morning so i rarely see him because he only gets the weekends off.
well all of a sudden he just wants to do his own thing on the weekends and just has been totally ignoring me lately and not wanting to see me as much. and he always used to tell me that he would barely survive without seeing me for that long now its totally flipped around and he only wants to hang out with his friends (which all his friends do is get high or drunk). i dont know what to think of the whole situation.
i have tried telling him how i feel but he seems to think im crazy for thinking that for some reason.

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