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[QUOTE=Gioparis;3726114]after crying all night everynight for the past two days, i wake up today and my eyes are swollen, what does my husband say? whats wrong with your eyes?


I don't seem to fully get why some guys, even when asked /told that it hurts when they forget a birthday or anniversary, don't take it as meaning much of anything and continue to forget the next one. Sometimes I wonder if they really do forget OR if they have a view of "occasions" as being unimportant. I had one boyfriend years ago that forgot Christmas.... Please. Thing was, he didn't find it important so therefore he didn't get me anything. We all want someone to view us as special and by forgeting a birthday or anniversary, it makes us feel like we are being taken advantage of, regardless of how they may be every other day. We don't want to say "hey,,, birthday next week.. don't forget to get me something"... it kind of ruins everything. No easy answer for this one. Guys don't seem to forget sports events or work related things very easily so ... I simply don't know. I do know men that are amazing at gift giving and really going out of there way for their women when they have birthdays. I think that some guys simply don't get that it means alot... maybe because they grew up with families that glossed it over or their father's never did the gift giving. Sit him down and tell him that it's important to you, in a lighthearted way.. go mark it on the calendar and once getting close say in a joking way, "look whats coming". If he doesn't get it after that then I can only assume he's not as thoughtful a guy as some others are.

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