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Ok..I realllly need some relationship advice...And I am sorry this is a long post but please bare with me and give me the advice you really think would help with the situation : )

I have been dating this guy for about 9 months... he is a great guy but he really has an anger problem. We have broken up several times and he comes crying back and says things will be better and he will get help.. make a long story short, when i mention him getting help-he blows up and says he doesn't need it and its crap.. but he did say that he would get it when we broke up in order for us to get back together.. anyways he likes to drink a lot with his friends.. i don't mind the drinking but not every time you go out.. whether its a bowling alley or place to eat, he wants a beer. I cannot stand the constant need to alcohol. He really doesn't listen to my problems of any kind.. he doesn't to talk about them because he says I over react. Whatever.. I still think i need someone to talk to. When he drinks, he gets all mad with me [COLOR="Red"]{removed}[/COLOR] and whatnot. well we have great sex and we have a good time when he is not sober.. he has a great family and I think they would be a great family to have if i married him...
I met this guy jeff to an ex boyfriend and we really "start conversating" on coincidences. Like one night I had a dream about him so I was going to tell him the next day and then that next day He was driving in front of me and called me before i even told him about the dream and he stopped and gave me a hug that i could remember forever.. he has listened to all of my problems.. and he is into the same things I am.. he is in the fire dept and also drives an ambulance, loves nascar, fishing, and hunting.. everything that I am into. I am a nursing major so we have all those connections with the medical field. He also got a brand new car, this car is the one I would want if I had to get a new one.. so its just a lot of "good timing" and coincidences that we have encountered.

I am scared to break up with my boyfriend for him because I am scared my boyfriend would kill his self because of his anger problems.. i don't know what to do.. and I am just so confused.
Please give me some advice.

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