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Hey guys, maybe I can get some advice/input:

I have a friend who I have been friends with for 15 years since the beginning of high school. Anyway, we have become closer and closer over the years and she has pretty much been my best friend for quite a few years now. She is a lesbian and is overweight (300 lbs). Her looks and sexual prefrence has never been an issue and she knows I'm as striaght as they come. Anyway, I have had problems in the past when she has been jealous of some of my boyfriends and my other friends. Anytime I spend alot of time with someone else she seems to make negative comments and she is very good at manipulating where you don't even realize it unless you really think about it. She says she has my best interest at heart and nobody knows me like her and shes been through alot with me which is true. She has been here for me through the worst, but I'm starting to think it was only for selfish intentions. Anyway, I recently am thinking about moving out of state. I have not have any luck finding a job and the man I have been seeing (2 years off and on) wants me to move up north with him. I just went for a visit a couple weeks back and really like it there. I have lived in the same state all my life and although I have traveled alot; I am getting an itch to move, start fresh and be with the man I love. I am almost 30; am nowhere where I thought I'd be in life and don't have anything to loose. I am ready to take a risk with him and just give it a try and see what this chapter in life has to offer. If I hate it up north or things aren't working with him and I then I can always come back. This will always be my home, but I'm ready for an adventure and to follow my heart and see some snow for a change. So my friend is FREAKING out. She started by saying its a mistake. That I will be back. That she is actually mad I am leaving. I told her I haven't left yet (I still would like to secure a job up there and need to get someone to finish out my lease) before I can go. I want to go asap but I think I'm thinking level about it all. She of course, does not. She says shes loosing her best friend, etc. Even when I visited up north a couple weeks back to check out what I'd be getting into and called her a couple of times she could never ask if I liked it or how I was was all negative about how I need to come back and she can't beleive I'm gone. Shes been talking to people in our social circle about what I am doing, constantly saying negative things about it and now shes actually distant from me because shes mad. After a couple days of her being mad I realized that she has no right to act like this with me. I have ALWAYS been supportive of her even in an outrageous situation with an ex-girlfriend of hers. I don't think she has to agree with what I'm doing but giving me a guilt trip and actually being short with me and rude to me cause I'm wanting to live my life is ridiculous. I told her that she is so afraid of loosing our friendship that shes purposely ruining it now and thats selfish. How do I remain friends with someone that I will feel guilty calling and saying how great and happy I am? Doesn't sound like a good friend to me. Plus shes made comments such as "I have always asked you to up and leave and lets go get a place on the beach or something and you said you have your lease but now your willing to up and leave and be with him". I responded with theres a difference between loving your friends and being in love with someone. I'm starting to think that she has an unhealthy attachment to me, or even worse, maybe she does have romantic feelings for me and thinks oneday she can "have me"?

She has made several comments over the years about things but this is the icing on the cake for me. I want a friend that says "well, I don't think what you're doing is the greatest, but I hope it works and out and you better call me all the time"...not distance themselves cause I want to "leave her by herself" as she actually told me tonight. Is it possible my best friend has never been my best friend and had selfish intentions all along? Do I need to just cut her off? It seems she never likes when I am trying to better myself whether it be a job, or new friends or a new boyfriend. She tends to have always liked the losers I've dated more than the better guys cause she probably didn't feel threatened. (ex boyfriends of mine always told me that when she was around they felt like they were competing with her as if she was a guy interested in me). I'm starting to think our whole friendship is unhealthy? I'm sad to loose my best friend, but I'm tired of her manipulating me because she knows me so well and how to play on my insecurities.

What to do? Is this normal best friend behavior or is this an unhealthy friendship? By the way we are both 29 and I think this is all immature. Is she overreacting and being selfish or am I being too harsh? Its just hard for me to see whats really going on cause I've been friends with her so long. Any advice is appreciated!!! Thanks!!!!:)

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