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i broke up with my boyfriend saturday night because he told me earlier that he refused to stop lying to me. I wrote him an email telling him that I loved him so much, but I couldn't be with him because of his lies. I didn't contact him at all, and at 430 in the morning I got a call from him wondering why I never gave him a goodnight call. he was angry and made the phone call short. he said I love you bye at the end. the next day I didn't hear from him at all, and I didn't contact him. then at 130 am he called to say I love you goodnight. I texted him after the call and told him sweet dreams. he replied saying that he wasnt sure how he feels about this relationship. I called to figure out what was going on, and he told me that he didn't see it going any further, and that every time he said I love you and that he wanted a future with me he was lying. he said that he wanted to play the field, and that he's moved on and that in college committed relationships are bs. when I told him that I had broken up with him on saturday in email, he acted really happy and suprised and laughed. the first thing he asked was why did I do it, and is there someone else I was interested in? he said that he didn't read my emails anyway, and that he had skimmed the first part and thought it was another "korny" email from me. in truth, I knew that he always read my emails. I was in tears because he told me that he never loved me (weve been together 2 years). I was confused because just thursday night he had called after I sent him a text that said were done. he told me not to kid myself and that our relationship was resilient and that he loved me very much. so I was confused about his wanting to break up. I tried texting him and calling the next day. but all he said was you broke up with me. and when I called he made an emphasis on letting me know were broken up and that I did it, and to stop contacting him. he's always been the one to break us up before, and he always says the same things about not loving me etc. then hell call or text not long after wanting me back. this is the first time in a year I've broken it off with him. I don't think you can fake love, because when we were around each other he was always so happy, and he would text or call just to say I love you etc. from my history with him he always comes back, but then again, he's never told me to not contact him or to stop trying to get back together with him. all my friends say he already read the email, and did the whole break up call in order to hurt me and spin things on me. they say he's going to call back missing me at some point, but I'm not sure.whats going on here? is he just hurt by me breaking up with him (because he'd never expect I would be the one to do it) and that's why he's lashing out? I want him to come back, I do love him, but I want him to know that I won't accept someone who won't stop lying. what do I do? what can I do? he knows what hurts me, and that's telling me that he wants to play the field etc.

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