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So she has interests but doesn't have enough energy to pursue them. That's not your fault! And she seems to want you to say that you're NOT ok with her staying out. Almost like she's testing you and wants you to want her at home all the time.

Yes, there is a reasonable compromise, but it doesn't consist of her making the rules and you following them. I would do it this way...

You have poker night twice a month. Work isn't something that's optional, but committee meetings might be, so maybe cut down to only 2 meetings a month. One entire weekend day on your own and maybe another half day. In return, she joins a class or takes up photography or mountain biking or something that takes her out of the house 1 night a week and 1 weekend day a month. She meets up with her girlfriends twice a month (I've found that scheduled girlfriend time is so much fun and gives me something to look forward to). She needs to occupy her time so she isn't sitting at home resenting you for not being there. Schedule some activity for the two of you 2 weekend days a month and a dinner out one night a week. Try it for 2 months and then sit down and review how it went.

What do you think?

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