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Ok heres the scenario... long story but please bear with me as I need to give you the background before I ask the question! Also I have given everyone silly names so u don't get confused but the names are pretty apt lol!

I went through hell last year when my boyfriend left me for someone else and it took me until Christmas to start dating again.

I saw a guy for about a month and he turned out to be mr unreliable and not what i first thought so back to the drawing board so to speak and feeling pretty low at this point.

Then by February decided to call up an old friend who I'll call Mr argumentative and we met up and got on well initially, he then chased me and I was having none of it then I gave in and we ended up kissing and it was one of those really wierd moments that shouldn't have happened but it did and then we switched, I started to like him more and he changed his mind so it all went pear shaped very quickly!

So back to square one and then in April I joined a car club which is the best thing I have ever done and i have made some really great friends and have a much busier social life now!

I immediately met a guy (who I'll call Mr Cool) who I had alot in common with and we got on really well, he chased me and we saw each other for about two weeks until it became apparent we were better as friends. Good move cos he is a really great mate now and I hope always will be.

So that was all fine and I was getting along with everyone in the club and then we went round to this other guys house (we'll call him Mr Wild) for a social evening and he started texting my friend and asking for my number etc.

Again he chased me and we really hit it off, so much so that we took things quite alot further and had alot of fun for about a month but then he started acting like an idiot culminating in going off to a cruise without me after saying in the afternoon was I coming to which I had said yes and then he picked up his mate instead and didn't even have the courtesy to tell me! So I finished it.

He couldn't see what he'd done wrong!

Anyhoo moving on and now into July but I have to admit only about a week after finishing with Mr Wild as I'll call him I started chatting to guy in the car club I had met on a couple of occasions since May and who I'll call Mr Nice because he is so lovely. He doesn't have a bad word to say about anyone and hes caring and affectionate and kind which completely freaked me out having only ever had this sort of attention from the ex who broke my heart.

Anyway he had just split with his girlfriend and I was still angry but we got on great and both rushed straight into a relationship. Then alarm bells went off in my head!

It was just too much to cope with, I had to meet up with the ex from last year who broke my heart to get rid of some stuff, my sister emigrated and I wasn't over Mr Wild so I threw a number of shall we say wobblers where I didnt know how I felt about Mr Nice to the point where I initially stopped myself from taking the physical side of things further and then decided it had to end!

Still with me? Sorry for the long story but I have to set the background before I ask the question!

So here I am now in September - single!

I thought I was fine, I thought I had made the right decision to end it with Mr Nice and I even started to have feelings for Mr Wild again so i was just muddling along trying to work out in my head what to do.

Then i find out Mr Nice is back with his ex because hes not good at being single and gets lonely and it completely floored me! I didn't think I cared but I do, I was in floods of tears and now I don't know what to do??

I still fancy Mr Wild as hes just such awesome fun but I don't think I could have a relationship with him other than a physical one as hes just a law to himself!

But now I regret ending it with Mr Nice because he was 90% perfect but I just didn't get the urge to rip his clothes off even though hes a good looking chap.

What is going on in my head? I am so confused. How do I really feel, do I want him back or am I just feeling sorry for myself?


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