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[QUOTE=lollaemon;3743036]How can I handle an over protective boyfriend[/QUOTE]

Well, you didn't give any information to go on, 'over protective' can mean anything, from him rightfully worrying about you when you're out on the town alone drinking and wearing something skimpy, OR it could mean he's controlling and abusive. But there is really no way to "handle" another person. You are either compatible or you aren't. If he makes you feel controlled, suffocated, if you feel he's your father more than your boyfriend, he's probably not the right guy for you. Generally speaking.
LLM is right, and you are clearly not happy with the situation if you are asking for advice to 'handle' him. It is a losing battle to try to change somebody, look very hard at what you are dealing with and decide whether his 'overprotectiveness' is what you want or not.

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