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Yes, i know the Alison Krauss and the Keith Whitley versions of this song, as well as the version in the film Notting Hill, I don't know the artist. But I agree, you're looking at the song all wrong. The song is very romantic. It's not saying "you never tell me you love me so I have to guess by these other things." the meaning of the song is "you tell me in a thousand tiny little ways every single day how much you love me. I feel it in everything you do, whenever you look at me, whenever you touch me, etc." It's a fitting and rather appropriate song for a wedding, very sweet, actually.

but since you didn't even know your brother was getting married and since you weren't even that close to him during these years, I think it's rather unfair of you to assume he settled and married someone he doesn't really love. And did you know that the group who adopts the most children in this country are single men who marry and then adopt their stepchildren. It's just the way things are now. Just because his kids don't have his face, his blood line and his last name (unless he adopts them someday) doesn't mean he can't love them like his own and they can't be a real family. this notion that step kids are somehow not as "good" as your own kids when it comes to having a family is a little outdated. It's just not how things happen today, especially with teen pregnancy on the rise, it's actually now become cool to be a 17d year old unmarried pregnant girl. Many of these girls choose to raise their own kids and they don't marry or marry too young and then get divorced because 17 is simply way too young to know what kind of life partner you're going to want at 30. So if every man had your attitude toward single motheres, no single mother would ever have a chance at love and marriage, and that wouldn't be right. I kind of know how you feel, my ex married a single mom with three kids whose father is an in your face "hey, they're my kids not yours!" kind of father, and she had tied tubes so my ex had no way of having kids of his own with her. While it rips my heart out that he would rather have married this divorcee with kids already belonging to someone else and having to settle for just being stepdad, when he could have had kids of his own with me, the bottom line is, we love who we love, and sometimes, being with the right person is more important than creating your family in one certain way. There are all kinds of families, nothing's written in stone anymore. A song and the fact that she has kids already, these are rather flimsy reasons to assume he settled and isn't really happy. Talk to him. Just ask him how he really feels about her and if he's happy. It's really his business to deal with anyway. He has to make his own bed and he has to sleep in it afterward.

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