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Thanks for replying everyone. I see a few posts making comments that if everyone thought like I did, kids wouldn't get stepdads and all that.

Try to look at it through my eyes. I'm concerned for my brother's happiness. If he doesn't have any kids by a certain age, he never will. Who will be there for him when he's older, grandkids anyone? And if he's taking on 2 step kids, then he obviously likes/wants kids.

I'm no stranger to adopting. And I totally believe in it. I'd be more comfortable if she had 1 child and not 2. Usually people with 2 children get with other divorced guys who have a couple of kids also. My brother may not know what he's gotten himself into. Sinse her kids are almost grown, maybe he doesn't want kids at all and that was his plan in getting with her, I don't know.

And that song, I'm not paranoid about it. It's a sweet song for the beginning of a relationship, maybe, but a wedding? I have a father- in -law who's a big womanizer, and he was opening emails the other day at our house, and some women had sent him that same song in an email and he has like 5 girlfriends. If you have to say that to a guy, somethings not right in the relationship. It's a fan song for relationships where the guy doesn't really love the girl and she's chasing him, like for the TV show House, where the doctor was chasing house, but then they broke up and she told him he never did love her.

So I'm not really paranoid here. If he didn't get a girlfriend all those years, maybe he has serious problems from getting dumped and wants to feel safe or something.

I wouldn't say anything rude to him, I just want him to think about never having any children, and her 2 kids may not be close to him when they're grown, so where will his happiness be then?

I've seen this before with my cousins. They were even raised by a stepdad, and once they hit 18 and moved out, they only vist their real dad and his family and don't have much to do with the stepdad at all.

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