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Maybe not 2nd thoughts, but I've been bothered since I found this out. I was looking on my boyfriend's messages on his facebook page, and there's conversations between him and his ex gorlfriend of 2 years. This messaging was like 1.5-2 years ago (so thats not the problem). The problem is that his ex girlfriend kept telling him to leave her alone and how when she thought about it, she told him she didn't think he ever really cared about her in the 2 years that they dated. His stories seemed genuine, admitting that he may not of showed it but he loved and cared for her so much, and saying he regretted being a bad boyfriend, and kinda wanted her back--but she refused since her relationship with him i guess was that bad.....and she also mentioned that he was only messaging her when he was single or had no one to talk to at the time (he's told me that he never went more than 2 months without having a girlfriend). She never mentioned him cheating on her or that he was HORRIBLE...but it seems like he really wasn't that good of a boyfriend. Now him and I have been together for about 5-6 months, and so far, he's been great...but I'm wondering if maybe as time goes by (the fact that him and his ex dated for 2 years) it's gonna get worse...It seems like he's changed since from what she was saying back then. He's older now, and probably (hopefully)more mature. Lots of people, including myself though, think that no one changes...I dunno, it's just something that's been bothering me. I was also thrown off when I read how much he wrote to her in one message about his true love for her, she will always be a special part of him, saying she should call him and that he needs to be friends with her because he wants to be a part of her life, etc (again this is 1-2 years ago, before he even knew of me). I know they don't talk alot right now, or maybe at all for that matter....I'll be with him all weekend every weekend and his phone never goes off w/ calls or texts from any girls...I'm probably over-analyzing this, but I don't care, I'm still concerned because the way his ex was complaining to him (she seems like a really down to earth/non-crazy girl).

P.S. spare me on the looking through his stuff, i know it's wrong, but it's done, and I won't be doing it again.

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