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:confused: OK, for those of you who have faithfully read our ongoing thread about my husband and his ongoing relationship with OW. Today, I was pulling out of shopping center and she was walking up to the store. She saw me, got a big smile on her face and started waving. She stopped walking and acted like she wanted to talk to me. I flipped her off! She got this totally shocked look on her face and stopped dead in her tracks. It was not at all the reaction that I expected from her. She didn't look away or ashamed like she was busted. I continued to drive down the lane and she just stood there dumbfounded. Does this sound like the correct reaction of a woman that has either slept with me husband or at the very least propositioned him for sex after kissing him at her house alone? My husband claimed that She called him over to her house, put the moves on him and while they were kissing he stopped them and said that he couldn't do that to me and Loved me. My friend was with me during this flipping off episode and was also very shocked at her response. My friend said that her reaction should have been more of an embarrassed type of reaction, that she had been found out, not the shocked, like she had no idea why I was flipping her off look. This all happened in a seconds time, so she did not have time to prepare to act a certain way. It got me to thinking, maybe she is just a flirt and nothing of the sorts ever happened between them at all, my husband has just made it all up. I know that he fell for this woman hard, that is a sure thing, but maybe it was just him falling, and he has made up this story. Or else it was him who came onto her and she refused him. But she her reaction didn't fit the "oh she found out I kissed her husband at all either" I have watched her flirt with other men in almost the same way she flirted with my husband. She just seemed to take it a little further with him, but that was probably because he allowed her to.

He has made me some very good deals as long as I don't confront her at all or say anything to anyone. I wanted to get out of the car and confront her before I flipped her off, but restained myself. This could possibly explain why he isn't so gung ho about me moving away or out of the house, because he doesn't have her. What do you think, I need some insight into what is possibly going on. I cannot bring this up to him, it will just cause more fighting
I'm so confused now!!!:dizzy: Not about leaving him, just about whether this encounter really happened or whether I possibly lost my new best friend for no reason. :(

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