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The title states precisely that. A very controlling, insecure, paranoid, abusive, miserable, pot-head boyfriend... that i nearly got rid of. I big part of me is SO MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED I can just cry and scream! I feel so angry for being with him - can you really love somebody that acts so ignorant? Or do you just "love" them out of habit because you have been with their stupid A** for so long? A part of me just refuses to believe that I really "love" him when he upsets me so much! EVERYDAY - there is always something. I get THE EYE when my pants are too tight. I get some kind of underlying comment when I spray my perfume. This brings tears to my eyes but I feel like when i dress frumpy and daggy he is happy. I dont get it. I already feel crappy as it is because I have gained about 10 pounds and I have a petite frame. I just feel so frustrated and I want OUT! i want out! out! out! of this miserable relationship. I know I want to get out and be happy. HE IS SO CONTROLLING! I just realized he says he is sorry for saying ignorant things but I feel that will never change because I dont think he thinks he is really doing anything wrong. How do i get out of this? I have a lease that I signed with him and to break it will cost 2000 dollars.
Im JUST SO SICK AND FRUSTRATED! My lease ends December. I just feel so tired of fighting. We got into it today because he was giving me a hard time about my slack pants. He says they were skin tight - which was not true. Yes you can see the outline of my shape but its not to the point where my circulation is cut off! He interprets my way of dressing as a way to get attentino from other men. I dont even know where to begin with explaining this! I get so frustrated and mad because he just says the most ignorant things!!!
The lady I work with says I play a big part with all this fighting and drama over the phone with him. I guess that is true. My boyfriend has a habit of saying REALLY ignorant s#%t then hanging up the phone. To me, I just feel that is so ridiculous, I CALL BACK, trying to explain how ridiculous that way of thinking is and what a dumb*** he is for saying that. Well what i fail to realize... I am a part of that problem. I let him push my buttons and get me all riled up and upset... FOR NOTHING. because at the end of the day... after all that fussing, crying, and arguing over the phone - what am i doing different? He is still the same person and he isnt going to change nor accept what Im saying because if he he did, we wouldnt be arguing over the same darn thing OVER and OVER and OVER again. I am wasting my time getting all upset and crying... because Im still going home with him and we are still going to lay down on that bed. So really, I got all bent out of shape for NOTHING. What a horrible way to live life. Unless, I decide to put my foot down and leave... I might as well accept and stop arguing with him because its not going to get better!
WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO LET HIM GO WHEN I AM SO SICK OF HIM?? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS. At one point, we were broke up and I wanted him back to make it work. Is it easier to stay in this miserable relationship? THAN SAY BYE AND START ALL OVER AGAIN ON YOUR OWN? Whatever it is... I dont know. I dont want to stay but I also dont know how to let go. :(
Cathy1 and Happymom thank you for your response. He hasnt hit me or anything. He said something really cruel to me in the past which resulted in me beating his chest - not a smart move. No, he hasnt hit me or anything. I do keep the fights going... He says I wont "stop running my mouth" - i just dont comprehend how someone can be so jealous, controlling and ignorant! That upsets me so much and for some reason, I COULD NOT let it go. I just could not comprehend how someone can act and BE so stupid! And I LET HIM PUSH MY BUTTONS! I have tried to ignore him one time and act like I didnt care - oh my gosh - it infuriates him even more. He will go COMPLETELY out of his way to upset me. He smarted off one time telling me I was sitting too close to this one of his guy friends - which was a complete lie! He was already angry and for some reason used me as an outlet to GO OFF! He said "you're all up on him arent you - let me move out of the coach" VERY IGNORANT - so instead of rationalizing I just said "oh. okay" -OMG!!!!!! HE WENT OFF! WHEN THEY LEFT HE STARTED CALLING ME NAMES. I TRIED TO IGNORE HIM. THEN HE STARTED PACKING HIS STUFF! Well at that point, I caved in. I dont understand how you can start packing your stuff and leave over something so stupid! its practically something HE IMAGINED!

He does suck the life out of me. Being with him drains me and exhausts me so much! It takes so much effort and TIME to be with him and I dont comprehend why. I never seem to have time to study or do anything that I used to LOVE and do. I feel like to be with him, I have to accept his ways and conform to his ways... AND LOSE MYSELF IN THE PROCESS. To answer one of your questions, if my little sister was living with me - it would be so easy to kick him out. She is 15 and Im 21 and... we are super close. If I had girl friends it would be a lot easier... but you are right... I dont have any because I stay with him!!!!!!!!!

To answer that question about love, well well well... I dont know if I love him the way you should love a man. I think I have loved him and was in love with him at one point... but he took me thru so much and we HAVE crossed a line of no return... that I think I "love" him out of habit. I care about him very much but its not the way it used to be. He asked me last night if I love him and I said yes... then he asked WHY - I HONESTLY COULD NOT COME UP WITH ONE. I thought well... 1) he treats me good (thats not true. He calls me a stupid B**** when he gets mad at me and makes threats to walk out just because it hurts my feelings 2) He is thoughtful - (I cant think of a time he was. He used to be... but we broke up and got back together August. Ever since we got back - he has been HORRIBLE) 3)I can keep going...

He doesnt even have the quatlities that I look for in a mate. Not motivated at all. No long term goals or plan for his future. He just tells me he wants to go to school someday but doesnt know when, what for and how tos! he is just out there - if that makes any sense. I guess when it boils down to it... I have been so used to being with him - I cant really imagine not! - i know this sounds ridiculous but - its the truth!
Do you have insurance? Go and talk to someone about this. You are allowing the person you once were to slip away. Aside from your lease etc, there must be a reason why you feel it's ok to be verbally abused by a man. You say you hate it and you are miserable but you are falling into what so many women fall into with a controlling man.... you are losing your sense of what is right and what is wrong.

It almost sounds like being with him is better then being alone. There is no point AT ALL in trying to get him to see what he is doing wrong. It's pointless.... useless... he will never get it unless he gets professional help. So no matter how hard you try or how logical you think you can be, it is wasted on him. Of course ignoring his outbursts will infuriate him even more.... he is a bully and bullies and abusers THRIVE on the fight as it allows them to vent even more of their rage and what they feel is their justified anger at you. I remember how bad it was when I was with the abusive man that tried to control my life. I stayed because I was young, my friends were his friends.. I thought I'd never meet anyone else.. etc etc.... well... I did meet someone else and I wasted precious time with an abuser. I STILL feel shame that I put up with him for ONE MINUTE and this was over 20 years ago. Now, if a man even has a shred of even "seeming" controlling he is GONE in a second. You need to find out why you are allowing someone to abuse are saying you can't imagine not being with someone who is treating you with zero respect, who is verbally abusing you, and is for all intents and purposes .... sick.

It appears it's more then just money and your lease as you keep saying you don't know why you're still staying beyond the money part. trust me.. just because he hasn't hurt you yet, doesn't mean it won't happen.

Next time he starts to pack... help him .... open the door for him... and say goodbye to a man that is an abuser.
I have also had the displeasure of being with (and almost escaping from) a controlling boyfriend. It was my first relationship, so initially I thought the way he treated me was normal.

He did things similar to what your BF has done...he'd get jealous of any of my male friends who would speak to me, even going so far as to tell them off for talking to "his woman". I never really wore girly clothes, but my ex did not like when I wore anything revealing in public...when I went to look for a graduation dress, he demanded to come with me and he tried his hardest to talk me out of anything strapless, backless, shorter than floor length, had anything less than spaghetti get the idea.

I tried to leave him once and I explained it was because he was treating me like garbage, and I told him he had a month to learn to act like a normal human being. He did so...for a month. I gave him another chance, thinking he'd really changed. But nope...once that month ended - to the exact day - he went back to his awful behavior. He construed what I said to mean, "You said if I acted nice for a month, you'd stay with me".

With the help of a dear friend (who later became my BF), I left my ex for good. But he didn't go down without a fight...he threatened to hurt my friend, he threatened to kill himself and/or other people and told me for a year after I left him how he still loved me and wished we were still together.

It is very difficult to leave a controller, because they force you to feel like you need them and that they are right when they insult you or belittle you. They know if they can break you down and build you back up according to their liking, you will never leave. You'll take any abuse they throw at you with a smile and figure you've no way out.

It sounds like your BF is working on the breakdown right now. Please do not let him, because once he has his claws in you, you will never leave him. He wants an emotional punching bag - don't let it be you. It took a metaphorical slap in the face from a friend to realize I could leave and that I didn't have to stand for the emotional abuse.

You don't need a counselor or anything, but maybe when your lease is up, a friend can sort of be your emotional support if you try to leave him. Have them be present if/when you choose to dump your controller, and make sure they don't let you waver in your decision, even if they have to drag you kicking and screaming from the room.

A controller will threaten physical abuse when they don't get their way...sometimes they act on it, and sometimes they do not. It's best not to take the chance by going about a break-up alone. My ex was not psychotic enough to try and hurt my BF, but some guys are nuts enough to make good on their threats. Have someone with you if you choose to leave...a friend, a parent, an officer, a relative, anyone. Controllers are less likely to try and attack if you are not alone.

I wish you the best of luck. I know no one wants to pay $2000 to break a lease, and I realize it will be hard to stick it out until December. I hope things will begin to look up for you. Being with a controller stinks.

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