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You're really just telling me things I already know, although I see no reason why I should leave my BF over this. He's done nothing wrong and nothing worthy of a break-up and I see no reason to leave him and put him through pain if there's a very good chance, in the end, I will end up with him anyway.

I've already told Darren that I did not expect him to abstain from dating just to please me, but chances are if he begins to date, I may slowly cease contact with him lest I say something regrettable about his potential partner or him. As much as I will tell him otherwise, I will likely inherently grow to resent him a lot if he dates someone. I will not hold it against him, but I have a good feeling that is what my mind will start to think, which is why I would probably consider abandoning all contact with him.

It stinks that I may have to throw away a three-year-long friendship over this, especially considering how much I cried, thinking about how he might forget me. It seems hypocritical, but I don't know how else to cope other than to cut him off. I'm not used to dealing with these kinds of conflicting feelings, which is why my manner of handling them is less than ideal.

If it comes down to me having to say goodbye, I hope he understands that I would be doing so out of his and my own best interests.

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