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I am a 31-year-old woman, with a B.A. in Anthropology and currently studying a M.D. in Research, work as a Sales Representative for a Hi-Tech company as I finish my MD studies. I got married five years ago to my college boyfriend, but things didn't work out so we split up a year ago, we both agree we want to get a divorce and I think we will finally do it by the end of this year.

Before him I had another steady relationship that lasted for a couple of years but did not end up in marriage because I traveled abroad to pursue my second degree and there was no point in keeping a long distance relationship, since I was going for long.

Three months ago I met this amazing man, he is 10 years older than me, but just was I am looking for. He is smart, mature, successful, great looking, sexy and with a great sense of humor. He is just perfect. But there are two problems: first, he lives abroad, and cannot move to another country due to his job. I have no problem moving to where he lives, but I need to finish my studies soon. Our, or my second problem, is the fact that he has a 11-year-old daughter. I had never dated a man with kids, and it scares me to death that she is a teenager. I am very afraid that our relationship might not work if the girl does not like me, specially since she is an only child, loves and misses her dad, and I might be an enemy instead of a friend for her. I still do not know her but I will soon, we are planning to meet in December, and then I would meet her. She lives with her mom, but spends holidays and other special dates with her dad so for Christmas' Eve they would meet and during the days after Christmas I will meet her.

I am so scared I have been rehearsing what we would talk about, what to ask her, what to do, how to talk, etc, and I think I have reached the point where I know I need advice.

How to approach her? What to say? What to avoid? Anybody with experience on the subject, please help. Thank you!!!

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