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[QUOTE]talk to him, tell him you'd like more attention, more affection.....put it out there and see how he responds.[/QUOTE]

I ended up doing that last night, although it wasn't planned. He is going to be busy all day Friday, one of the days we normally see each other, so Thursday evening I asked him if he wanted to get together for a little bit since we couldn't do anything Friday. And as usual he says no, he's too tired. Which really hurts me. So then I over-reacted, I guess, and said it seems like he only wants to see me when it's convenient for him. Then he got really angry at me for being upset.

I just feel weird because I feel really BAD for wanting to see my boyfriend and wanting more of his time, like I am doing something wrong. I felt this way before - and not in a relationship, but with my old FWB, the guy I was in love with but who was just using me for sex. This is almost the exact same scenario, except my boyfriend isn't using me for sex because we almost never have it.

It's like, my old FWB did not trust me or take me seriously because I was a party girl and fooling around with a lot of different guys. But I WAS in love with him and would have gladly settled down with him. Now I turned myself around and I am a GOOD girlfriend, I do not go out anymore, I sit home at home with my cat every night. And what am I getting for that?? Now I'm lonely all the time.

I am not sure where selflessness should end and selfishness begin.

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