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Hi, I've posted on here before a while back about my girlfriend talking/hanging out with a guy that she cheated on a boyfriend with a while back. Anyways, we were living together and recently bills got too much for the both of us, I lost a really good job and we moved out, her to her moms house and me to mine. things were okay for a while but then she says she wants to take a break to get our lives back on track financially and emotionally which I sorta agree with.

There was a guy from her work that hit on her all the time and I didn't like him at all. She used to text him (innocently) and chat [COLOR="Red"]{removed}. [/COLOR]But I found out she went to a coffee place late one night with him while I was working and told me before she left that she was going with a bunch of friends when in reality it was only ever going to be the two of them. When i confronted her she said she was lonely with me working nights and just wanted someone to talk to, and I believe when she says nothing happened but she still lied to me. I am a bit of a jealous type but only when I think something inappropriate has happened.

Anyways, during our break I told her I would give her some space and let her be herself which was another complaint about me, that I was suffocating her. I knew she was hanging out with this guy and whatnot but I still wanted to show her I could change, because I truly don't like to be a jealous person it's really a negative emotion. She promised me up and down when we broke up and she didn't like him and would never do anything with him ever, she hated him but just talked to him for the company. Come to find out they had sex a little while back after he invited her to his house to watch a movie. What really gets me is that she was flirting with me and sending me sexy pics of her that night right before she went to hang out with him. After they did the deed she called me crying apologizing and saying it was a mistake.

I told her it might be best if we started over just as friends again and see where it leads to. While she says that she wants to stay single and be a great girlfriend to me for when we eventually get back together I found that she is still talking to this guy, and even sent him a picture of herself, not sure exactly what kind of picture but she even texts him and says that she likes how sexy he makes her feel.

We just had another fight about it and i told her im done with her, and that i won't play second best to another guy. She just likes the way he makes her feel. Now she says she is sorry again and that she loves only me and i'm being jealous again. I think I am right to be. We have been really great friends for over four years and I would be sorry to see that go but I don't trust her anymore. I can't. I'm just afraid that I'm going to break if she pushes hard enough and either sleep with her again, or put my life on hold for her. It makes me sick everytime I think of her and that guy together doing things that she and I used to do for the year we dated.

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