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Age Gap
Oct 9, 2008
I am a 47 year old woman in a serious relationship for 8 months with a 29 year old man, we have a lot in common, enjoy time together and our relationship continues to grow however 2 problems i need advice on. My boyfriends family will have nothing to do with me because of our age difference, my boyfriend has stood up to them and has had verbal fights to defend his choice but says they will not bend and I should give up on them ever excepting our relationship. I dont want to add more pressure on him but I worry how this will effect our future as this is looking more long-term everyday. With the holidays approaching I know there will be upcoming family functions that I wont be attending and I already know my feelings will be hurt. How do I handle this with out making this even harder for my boyfriend. He is an only child and seems to have a over protective family. I dont want to feel left out by him but it will be hard to have to go my own way while he attends thanksgiving and christmas functions with his family.Do I tell him how much this hurts me or leave it alone knowing he already knows this is difficult for us both? This un-acceptance has now made me worry about how this age gap will effect our long-term future.:confused::confused::

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