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I thought I would give an update. Also need advice how to proceed with actually meeting for dates with men I meet online.

There is one man. I'll call him Adam. I posted about him in the other thread of mine about starting to use an online dating agency.
He seemed too good to be true. He looked like a supermodel - like one of those you see on Calvin Klein adverts. I could not believe my luck when we exchanged messages and him wanting to meet me. I just kept thinking - how my luck has changed. Shallow perhaps but he is a man to show off. After a few hours, I started to become quite hesistant - how do I know it is him in those photographs? I asked him to add me as a friend on a social networking site so I could out more photographs of him. When he added me, there were a few more pictures of him. In the photographs on the dating website, he is very dark skinned, and has very dark hair. Dark brown. He admits he models and they are photographs from a modelling shoot. He models for friends doing art courses. He is a student and training to be a nutritionist. In the every day pictures I found on his social networking pages, while it is the same person, he looks very different. Entirely different. In real like he has dark blond hair and very pale skin. Same person - but wow how the skin colour and hair colour of a person can change them entirely.
Shallow perhaps but I am not as attracted to him but I think I still will meet with him.
I would like advice on going about doing this.
He last sent me a message a few days ago telling me he was going offline and asked me to let him know when I will be free to meet next week.

There is another guy who has started messaging me. He is cute. Slightly older and a postgraduate student whom I share snowsports as a hobby. He isn't as hunky (shallow, yes) as Adam but I would like to meet with him too. He hasn't asked me but I am positively certain he will. He seems quite interested. We'll call him David.

I am not use to dating more than one man and it doesn't feel quite right.
Dating men from online is strange to me. It doesn't feel special because you're on the website with hundreds of others looking. It seems to intent and not random and special - the ideal way I would want things. Perhaps I am being idealistic and naive.

Anyway, is it ok to meet two men from the website? Is it ok to date two men at the same time? If I do, I doubt I'll like both enough for a second date. If I am lucky, I will like at least one for a second date.

I can't see myself getting serious right now. As you know I have had a hard time getting over ex. I have not actually had a "boyfriend" for well over a year now so I believe it is time to start putting myself out there and seeing what there is.

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