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With all due respect, why do you reference your dates as "boys" "I think this boy really likes me"....... I thought I saw a post that said you were 49? Are the "boys" in your life your age, give or take? These "boys" must be in thier late 40's early 50's. I get an odd visual of a 50 something man being referred to as a boy. I dont know, it kinda creeps me out.

Just curious,

sorry didn't mean to creep you out.......I just like calling them boys......
and yes they are around my age.

update - guitar slinger came over Fri for my birthday, brought flowers, brought his guitar, played it for me, paid for pizza, spent the night, etc.
So Sat we got up, he stayed for a few hours, watched a movie, then he said he was going home to do some stuff around the house. I said, are you going with me tonite? (to see my friends band), he said no he has to get together with a friend of his, etc. I told him I'd be up late, if he wanted to call later, he said ok, maybe. So I went to the show with my friends, saw Louie, gave him his tapes AND the DVD's. he was real nice to me, just like always, he said he was sorry, his life was crazy, etc. We were outside talking, face to face, kinda close. He asked, where's your BF, I said, I'm not sure if I can call him that, if he was, he shoulda been here, right? So anyway Louie's being nice, affectionate, etc. Went back in for the 2nd set, and when they were on their last song I went to the bathroom. I had a decision to I stick around or get outta there. Well I got outta there like a bat.......I just didn't trust myself to stay there and have Louie ask me if he can come home with me. Well got home, and guitar slinger had left me a message, he missed me, etc. I called him back and he said, I know it's late, but I missed you, we're on our way home now, do you want me to stop by? I said sure, so he came over Sat night and stayed over till Sun. He talked about referring to me as his girlfriend, etc, so I said are you my man? he said he wants to see where it goes, so I said are you pursuing anything? he thought about it, looked me in the eye and said no.......I believed him, but then my girlfriend found a profile on another site that was him and I told her to e-mail him and see if he bites......well she did, and he didn' I thought that was a good sign. Then I thought I'm gonna take it one step further. I set up a new profile on the site we met on, with his interests, then I put him on my favorites. I didn't sent him an e-mail, just saved his profile. Low and behold, he took the bait.......he e-mailed this fake girl and said, hey thanks for putting me on your favorites, I'm guitar slinger, I'm blah blah blah, you sound interesting, blah blah blah. So i wrote back, yeah I just joined recently, I really like this site, I met a guy last weekend, but I'm not sure if he's my type, what about you? how long have you been here, have you met anyone? We live so close we should meet soon. So he wrote back, not answering those questions, but saying Sure (about meeting), would you like to call me, and gave his phone I wrote back, I can't call you now, would like to get to know you a little more thru e-mail. He wrote back, sounds great, keep in touch, ok? So now.......I'm glad I found out that he's not as committed as he says he is......I'm not sure what angle to play this up yet. He still sent me a mushy sweet e-mail last night before he went to bed, after he was corresponding with this fake girl!!!! I would have believed this guy if I hadn't tested him. Oh well, I'm thinking of playing it cool, and telling him that i've got a funny feeling that he's still shopping. He knows i tune into him and understand him. He's seen my tarot cards on the table, but never asked about him. I'm thinking of suggesting that I asked the cards, and the answer made me wonder if he's being totally honest. I thought that might be a way to show him, don't lie to me, you will get caught. If he thinks I really can read him, it may be better than him thinking I set up a trap with a fake profile. Part of me says, you got your answer, be done, but part of me says, we're not that serious, we're still learning about each other, it's too soon to make that decision........but I told him Saturday, if he's still shopping, that's ok, he needs to be honest with me and maybe I should too.......he said no. What would you guys do?

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