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ME costing HER her job. I didn't do anything other than send that one email, she is the one that sent her naked self to my husband. It is like she doesn't even understand the inappropriateness of that action.[/QUOTE]

You're right, that is ironic. I would however counsel your husband to stop "chatting" with her over company e-mail....That will get them fired, if they're not careful. I would have him delete all those messages. In fact, I would have him send her a message saying something like "please stop contacting me via e-mail unless it's official company business." If anything, it would somewhat cover him if HR people start looking.

Does she work directly for him? By some of the language, it sounds as if she might. If so, he has really put himself in a precarious spot, being her supervisor. Hopefully, this is not the case.

Also, is this a big, medium, or small company? Are they permitted to use company e-mail like this, or are they just hoping they get by?

[QUOTE]To the poster who asked about my screen name, you are exactly right. When we met he was married and I had a boyfriend. I wasn't happy in my relationship but didn't want to break up with him so I set out to find someone in a similar situation. We fell in love and the rest is history. I know now how immature and wrong I was. He knows that is part of the reason that I am extra vigilant when it comes to infidelity and assures me that he would never have an affair. I know that many people think that once a cheater always a cheater and that I would deserve it.[/QUOTE]

Confession is good for the soul. The past is the past, and the two don't have anything to do with another.

[QUOTE]I know that I may be naive but I don't think that he is having sex with this girl. I think that it may have led to that which is why they need to put a halt to this nonsense. [/QUOTE]

I tend to agree. However, you have to stay on top of it though. Something is there between them....Some type of spark or something. I would maybe forgive, but I wouldn't forget, that's for sure.

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