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Maybe he has a low libido. I don't know how old the two of you are. Hubby went through a phase ( a year and a half!) in which he "just didn't feel like it". He ended up on meds for depression, so he had other issues that were killing his sex drive. He COULD have sex. He just didn't want to. It's possible that your boyfriend has some sort of health issue and doesn't know it. It's so hard not to take the lack of interest personally. It FEELS personal. I wonder if you are the natural "boss" or leader in your relationship. Is it you who makes plans for your outings? Vacation plans? Dinner reservations? Maybe it's just easier for your bf to let you take charge. Just remember that it's NOT you. Would he be receptive to hearing your concerns about his low libido? It's a touchy subject with most guys. I wouldn't toss away a great guy for his inability to initiate sex. You two need to talk. Good luck!

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