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Okay here is the problem I will try to make it as brief as possible , I have been with my boyfriend on and off for a little over four years now we had been living with his parents up until the end of the summer when his step mother suddenly kicked me out of the house (I posted about this awhile ago) she was very rude and disrespectful and in my opinion I didnít deserve the way she treated me , I will not go back after the way she treated me second there is no way sheís going to change her mind so the possibility is out of the question. Both of his parents are in their 80ís and his fatherís health has been declining over the last couple year also because of his fatherís gambling issues when he was younger they are finically in trouble and with out their son most likely wouldnít be able to keep up on the mortgage they have had for twenty years already. My boyfriend and I were were staying at a friends house in the mean time his father used every chance he had to guilt trip his son into not moving in with me even saying that he would disown him if he did this put a lot of strain on our relationship and we began fighting a lot due to the stress of finding a place and everything else , on top of all of that my boyfriends ex girlfriend who has been a constant nuisance to me started harassing me because she found out we were attempting to get a loan and buy an house together she told mutual friends that my boyfriend had been unfaithful to me a couple months back which got back to me in no time , when I confronted him about this he got majorly defensive and at the time I felt that he had cheated on me when got into a major fight and I left and stayed at another friends house and he went home to his parents house we didnít talk for a couple weeks almost a month but after awhile we started talking again and have patched things up only problem now his he is living at home and Iím not even allowed to park my car in the drive-way his parents hate me with a passion because he was going to move out with me, his father and step mother donít really know that we are officially back together and we basically have resorted to dating again even though we lived together for over three years. This botherís me soooo bad because when we first got kicked out I told my BF that either we get a place of our own or we are done and that at my age of 28 I wasnít about to move backwards in life or my relationship. Iím going to meet him tonight he doesnít know but I plan on putting the ultimatum back on the table and from past experience I know what is going to happen with his father and since his health is deteriorating I know my boyfriend is going to have a really hard time telling his parents that heís moving out , as far as I see it they have brought this upon themselves they made no attempt to save for retirement and depend on their son to pay the mortgage but yet heís not allowed to live his own life and have his own family (heís 34)???
I really want to stay with him and love him to no end but I know the day is going to come when his father does pass away and Iím afraid he is going to resent me for giving him the ultimatum. I would love some advice or just feedback on the situation

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