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Ok well I posted [COLOR="Red"]{removed} [/COLOR]about this a few weeks ago but now it's different..Well I play poker on the computer sometimes and I started talking to this guy because he was sitting at the same table as me and we just started to talk..this was in march..we only talked like 2 times then. Then the last week in August I started talking to him again and we started messaging each other back and forth every day talking for a while and then exchanged numbers because it's easier to talk that way. We talked for hours every day and I found out he lives in NY like me but Upstate which is 6 hours away from where I live. Well one of his friends lives really close to me who he grew up with and he was driving down with his buddy to visit this friend because his buddy is friends with him too. Like once a year they come down here and hang out with him. Well when he came out, we met up with each other and hung out with a group of people and clicked really well. We played cards, had a few drinks, normal stuff like that.. So when he came down here we hung out 3 times. The only problem is that when I first started talking to him in March he told me he was 38 years old, and I am only 22. He is divorced and has a 5 year old son. I'm not going to judge him on that though. But anyway, we wanted to see each other again and this time I drove to him to stay for a few days like over the weekend from fri-sun. His friend lives with him in his house and his son was going to be with us for a day also. His friend that lives with him also has a girlfriend and she was going to be there too. My family wasn't ok with it and were worried but there's nothing they can do since I'm an adult and mature enough to make my own decision on by myself. But I had so much fun and we just click so well together and I really do have a lot of feelings for him and he feels the exact same way towards me. I miss him a lot right now ..And I know he is older than me but I always wanted to date an older guy because there more mature..I just got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship and if I were to compare him to this guy now I feel completely different .. It's not because I just started seeing this guy, because when I just started to see my ex boyfriend he wasn't like this and would do mean things, say mean things, etc. I know that every one is different, but with this guy, it is so much better. I go to school up here for teaching, have a job etc. So even if we wanted to see each other again which we said we wanted to it's so hard with my schedule .. I can't talk to my parents about this stuff because they just don't agree with it, a lot of my friends don't agree with it either except for like one, it's just frustrating that no one understands..they just don't see how we are together and understand that we talk so much every day and every thing..I always went by this, age does not matter..the only thing that I would think mattered was the point in his life where he is now and where I am, meaning like our locations and me going to school and him already done with school. But what does every one think? Please just give me your opinion on this.

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