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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months now. We've never talked THAT much during the week when we weren't with each other and we see each other every weekend (i go to school about an hour away from him) but my home is where he's at. And when we're together everything is great, but last week and this week, he has not been talking to me as much. Like I had to be the one to call him last week, and he still texts me first sometimes, like tonight he did, but last week, and so far this week, it's just like very short conversation texts, and he never says goodnight to me like he used to. Like I said every thing seemed fine last weekend when we were together, and he even said to me when I saw him "we didn't really talk that much this past week" and I just said "I know" and didn't think it was a big deal (was he trying to maybe tell me something here?) but anyways, now, i'm beginning to he possibly losing interest? bored? or maybe so comfortable with the relationship that he feels he doesn't need to talk to me as much anymore cuz there's nothing really to talk about. Both of us aren't huge phone people, and I don't mind only talking to him on the phone once or twice a week before i see him on the weekends. Also, if I text or call him, he will respond or pick up, but still, we just don't ever has much to say in the texting anymore (he wont ask how my day was(which was pretty procedural anyway) or just say goodnight babe anymore,I need some advice from those who have experienced this, or anyone who has an idea of what may be going on. My one friend had mentioned to perhaps become "more clingy" towards him. NOT to the point of excessiveness, but maybe texting him throughout his day at work being like "i miss you" "how was your day" etc. We're at the point where he knows i'm not the clingly type, but maybe by me making him feel missed or thought about, he might start talking to me more often during the week as well, or do I back off myself? Thoughts on all of this? Thank you

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