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Thank you both for responding…
Yes, this is all coming from him as I haven’t so much as talked to this girl once. He said that she is a great woman but can be rather jealous. I honestly believe him giving the fact that he can be rather childish at times and would love the opportunity to flaunt this new, beautiful Russian girl in my face to get a reaction out of me. I like the idea of writing her an e-mail and asking about a lunch although the day after I sent them friend requests, he called and was very angry because it made her very upset and they were up all night arguing. He has also resorted to ‘hiding’ our drop offs and such and is not allowed to come to my house because she believes that there is still something going on between us. (Yea, more driving for me!) There was also a time that I came to his house to pick something up and she ran and hid upstairs so I called up the stairs and said, “Hi Tati, hope all is well” I do not believe it is anything bad that he is saying about me, actually I think its good things and she’s maybe worried. (Would it make her feel better if we were enemies?) He does speak highly in regards to his past addictions and how I stuck by him through really bad times and did a wonderful job taking care of our DD. (Surprisingly we have a really good relationship…now lol)

I did talk to my DD about the lying and she told me that daddy didn’t make her lie she just didn’t think to tell me and I don’t always ask her. She explained that sometimes they play and she is always nice but she leaves to go to work and she misses time with just her and daddy so I think she’s a little upset about that.

She did take a little while to get used to my boyfriend and the move so at least I know what to prepare myself for and explain this to her father so he can also sit and talk with her. She has since adjusted well and feels comfortable with my boyfriend picking her up from school and such. We did have some issues not too long ago and were debating on separating (DD wasn’t aware of problems) but he professed his love, opened up and realized just what we meant to him and everything’s been awesome since. (Need to fill you in happymom)

I don’t understand how she cannot see things from my perspective. She is also older than me and I would think that she would understand my position in this situation but I’m not resorting to kissing her butt either.

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